Thank you for attending our Nordic roadshow!

Our roadshow tour is completed for this season. Thank you everyone in Oslo, Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm & Helsinki for attending.

It is heartwarming to see how so many of you found the time and came to see us 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Stay tuned for upcoming events!



EQA group is a network of independent incoming agencies (DMC) who specialize in serving clients in The Nordic Countries.

DMC ie Destination Management Company is a local destination expert whose contribution and service stands out the more complex the event.

We who form part of EQA group share the same quality values and emphasize personal attention, programme tailoring and creative solutions.

Our shared quality values include profound destination knowledge, fast response time, value for money, unique and customized products – all provided by highly experienced and qualified team members.

European Quality Agents

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