Tuija Jokisaari

HEX Travel

Welcome to HEX Travel and Amsterdam,

HEX Travel is proud to be a founding member of our new alliance, European Quality Agents! This way we are able to broaden our horizon and extend our backyard to much more than just the Benelux. We are more than happy to share the destination knowledge of our colleagues in the EQA group!

The involvement of HEX Travel in EQA, shows that after 15 years we are still searching for new challenges. We have been in Amsterdam since 1997 and are always developing to stay fresh and on top of the game. Our goal is to always stay professional and creative, as you will see in our offers! With a small, but very effective and enthusiastic team, we are able to make quick decisions which show results in everything we do. In the end this results in us making the fastest and best solutions for you, with the extra personal touch that you expect from us! After all, no group is the same and all deserve our full attention.

Let us provide you with exciting programs specially made for your clients!

For me Amsterdam is still the most the exiting place to be on the planet! The fact that I am able to share this with you and your clients is why I still love my work and my team members! Would not trade this for anything in the world!

Tuija Jokisaari

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