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HTI Travel & Incentives is a leading European travel and destination management company. Our company was established in 1993 with Hungarian-Finnish-German ownership, we have offices in Budapest, Vienna, Berlin and in Split, Croatia.

Despite the small size of Hungary, our country has a distinct culture and language, beautiful landscapes, healing waters and spas, delicious food and wines. Budapest, a city deservedly regarded as “Queen of the Danube” is graced with nature’s finest jewels. The daring silhouette of the bridges arching over the river is indeed a spectacular panorama and an elegant scene.

Shopping in the designer shops on Andrassy Street, in the small antique shops in Falk Miksa Street, art exhibitions and music, traditional spas and the latest wellness and beauty treatments, street festivals, the cafes at Liszt Ferenc Square are all awaiting you in Budapest.

With attention to every detail our multinational team will plan and organise a creative and unforgettable programme for your guests, always with new highlights as gala dinner in the skies above Budapest, car presentation on Heroes Square, racing with Trabbi cars through the Puszta, driving old Russian military tanks, making your own movie, spending a night in the forest or building a playground…

A blend of history, luxury, and the traditional warm hospitality ensure that your guests will have a wonderful time in Hungary.

Croatia is a country of contrasts in many ways. Travellers can find here various activities according to their interest, experience southern hospitality and openness. Inland and coast, sea and mountains, city and nature merge here into a well functioning unity.

If someone is looking for a relaxed and sunny beach holiday, Croatia offers its mediterranean coastline, where one can enjoy boat ride in the archipelago, clean blue sea or rich gastronomy with wide variety of seafood.

If you are interested in rich history, towns and cultural life, you will find here plenty of interesting destinations, but also nature offers many possibilities to try outdoor activities, extreme sports and test your limits in national parks, clean lakes and rivers or in the mountains.

We always look for new experiences and we are also at your service with new, exciting destinations to visit in the Balkan countries. There is a wealth of things to see and do in these destinations :

Bosnia and Herzegovina: An age-old culture, stunning mountains and landscapes, access to the great outdoors and a sense of adventure.

Serbia & Kosovo: Present, yesterday, past.. A historical journey is awaiting.

Montenegro: Country whose vast natural and spiritual assets refuse to fit into any commercial pattern.

Albania: Still a secret? Try to discover.. Lots of adventures and surprizes..

Please contact us and our multinational team will take care of your arrangements with the most flexibility and attention to every detail.


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