Bucharest is elegance layered with history and enigmatic landscapes.

Romania’s capital is dynamic, energetic and quite fun.

While much of the centre is modern and garish, you can find some splendid 17th- and 18th-century Orthodox churches tucked away in quiet corners and graceful art nouveau villas as well.

Top reasons to make your event in Bucharest


Main international airports (Bucharest, Cluj, Tirgu-Mures) have excellent connections from all major airports in Europe.


Romania offers finest accommodation from luxurious hotels to the most exquisite rustic experiences, all in the safest environment.


Romanian cuisine is a diverse blend of different dishes from several traditions (Ottoman, German, Hungarian, Serbian, French, Viennese..) with which it has come into contact during its long history, but it also maintains its own character.


Discover amazing historical regions, embrace the local cultures and old customs, love the traditions, explore the hidden destinations, taste the amazing cuisine. Wide range of programs are available such as active vacations, castle and fortress tours, vineyard and culinary visits, train trips, Danube river cruises...

Team building

If you are planning to organize an active team building, Romania is famous for the unspoiled beauty and natural landscapes, making the perfect location for it. All activities are tailored to your needs, such as kayaking in the Danube Delta, ATV tour, bear watching weekend, treasure hunt, vampire party, hunting Dracula...

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