Green and luscious lands await you at the edge of the Atlantic, with exciting history, legends of ancient Celts, unique and spanning landscapes, and perhaps most acclaimed, its welcoming people.

Widely regarded among the best qualities that Ireland has to offer, are its people. Their hospitality, humour and wit, stories and laughter go beyond the borders of this island. It allows a first-time visitor to feel like they have just arrived at their long-lost home.

Ireland is in many ways a dream destination. It is modestly sized and an ease to explore. It has vast amount of natural beauty, miles of stunning coastline, and never-ending opportunities to enjoy arts and culture.

Your journey to this island will most likely start from its capital, Dublin, but the island offers numerous options for exploring the villages and countryside further afield.

‘Céad míle fáilte’, meaning ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ in the Irish language, will greet you upon your arrival.