Pearl of Adriatic. “Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik”
George Bernard Shaw

This city of glorious past was the seat of a small but powerful state, the Dubrovnik Republic, which maintained its independence for 450 years. Encircled by its powerfull walls and fortresses, city looks like a precious jewel surrounded by the sea from all sides. The town is also a treasure trove of wonderful architecture and works of art, jealously kept and preserved over centuries.

Top reasons to make your event in Dubrovnik


Several international airports (Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula) make each part of the country easy to reach.


Wide range of hotels from 3 to 5 star and all kinds of properties — modern, boutique, rustic, traditional. Variety of world-class resorts with city, beach or mountain settings.


Enjoy the diversity of the Mediterranean cuisine and it's colors, scents, odors and tastes throughout the regions. Each region of Croatia has its own special culinary personality that will surprise you.


Explore, Experience, Enjoy! Great selection of different programs such as cultural programmes, natural wonders and national parks, boat excursions, outdoor and adventure, food and wine tasting, shopping.

Team building

Croatia has an exciting challenge in store and offers several team building programs such as rafting, ATV safari, kayaking, Jeep expedition, truffle hunting, biking, adrenalin tour, Big Game fishing..

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