Ghent is the third largest city in Belgium, after Brussels and Antwerp. Ghent, located in the Flemish region, is a vibrant port and university city. It is an ideal destination for a city trip: trendy, modern city where people love the good life. Much of the medieval architecture remains intact and is remarkably well preserved and restored. But Ghent is not a city-museum, but a blend of history and comfort living. The Port of Ghent is the second busiest seaport in Belgium, a gateway to inland waterways. Since the 19th century the city is connected to the North Sea by the 32 kilometers long Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. In Ghent, ecotourism isn’t just a fashion: it’s a way of life. Ghent has been proclaimed a vegetarian capital and has the largest low-traffic pedestrian zone in Europe. So experiencing Ghent on a bike is a really good idea: the city loves cyclists and cyclists love the city. Ghent is a manageable size and the sights are easy to find, even on foot.

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