Munich, a flourishing success story that revels in its contradictions – this city presents two very different faces to the world. The first is that of a modern metropolis, driven by technology and innovation. The second is that of a deeply traditional town, best known for Oktoberfest but defined year-round by dirndl-wearing waitresses, gingerbread architecture and the warm German hospitality. Let this popular, multi-layered Bavarian metropolis surprise you!

Copyright: Biergarten © Muenchen Tourismus, Foto: Christian Kasper ; Neues Rathaus & Frauenkirche © Muenchen Tourismus Foto: Joerg Lutz ; BMW Welt © Muenchen Tourismus, Foto: B. Roemmelt

Top reasons to make your event in Munich


Wide variety of hotels from tourist class up to world famous historical palaces. Plenty of wild thematic hotels, in addition to design and boutique hotels including some ecological choices.


Variety of restaurants offering traditional Bavarian cuisine in cozy surroundings but also high-class restaurants, not to mention the beer of the famous Oktoberfest city.

Meeting places

The framework conditions for successful congresses, conferences and meetings – infrastructure, access and value for money – are perfect.


Wide range of programs varying from climbing Germany’s highest mountain the Zugspitze, car tours through the Bavarian Alps, discovering the city supported by GPS devices to a lively Bavarian dinner parties, and much more…

Team building

Creative and inspiring team-building activities. Countless location options for innovative team building events from futuristic infrastructures, cities with rich cultural history to inspiring and enchanting outdoor sites, and much more…