Come to Milan and go through a gastronomic itinerary, starting with an aperitivo (typical Milanese happy hour) in one of the trendy and fashionable bars of the Navigli and Brera districts. Classic Milanese cuisine boasts a long tradition of dishes such as risotto with saffron and costoletta (breaded veal cutlet) well known all over the world. Italian wines will do the rest! But Milan is not only good food and good wine it is also a city full of history with probably one of the most famous pieces of architecture, a glorious example of Gothic style, is the Duomo, whose construction begun in 1386 and continued over 5 centuries. It is one of the biggest cathedrals in the world, built of marble. Not many people know that Milan is the place where Leonardo da Vinci spent most of his life. If you come to Milan you cannot miss Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece the Last Supper (the famous fresco was painted in 1495 and it was restored 7 times, the last ended in 1999)