No other place in the world can be compared to Venice, build on 117 small islands. Marco Polo born in Venice, discovered the seaway to China, and the Venetian golden age began. During this period in the 12th and 13th century, nobility used their enormous wealth, when Venice was The most powerful sea republic in Europe, to construct the amazing and beautiful palaces We still admire today. Old traditions like the Venetian Carnival is still among one of the most Famous festivities in the world, calling numerous visitors to Venice in February to enjoy the celebrations dressing up in the many mask which are unique for Venice. All traffic is by boat and the Venetian roads are the many canals, visitors has to cross walking the many bridges ore using The boats. One can choose between private taxi boats, local water buses (“Vaporetto), or the classic “Gondola” made in black wood and mastered by a gondolier with his typical dress, a red and white striped blouse, black trousers and a flat straw hat. Venice main square is the Grand Canal, 3 kilometres long. Along this the most famous and beautiful palaces and buildings are situated In Venice one must not miss a visit to Dodge’s palace, St. Marks church, St. Giorgio’s church, St. Marks square, Rialto bridge just to mention some of the most famous sights. Not to miss is a visit to the Peggy Guggenheim foundation for modern art. Situated in a beautiful villa (Peggy’s private house) facing Grand Canal, one finds wonderful paintings and sculptures.

By Picassos, Magritte, Mirò, De Chirico just to mention a few. A visit to the casino Ca’ Vendramin is not to be missed open all night. In Venice many tourists are only coming to visit Just during the day, and therefore the very special atmosphere is to be found in the afternoon, when a lot of people are leaving. The evening starts to fall and the lights from all the fascinating palaces reflects in the canals, classical music from the orchestras on St. Marks square starts And magic begins. Venice’s beautiful boutiques with Italian fashion from the leading designers, leather goods, glass, laces, antiques etc. is a temptation, and an afternoon dedicated to shopping is not to be missed.