Naples is a real treasure trove of art and history, of indelible signs from past dominations, each of which has contributed to this city’s construction. Its center, in particular, encompasses a heritage so rich that it has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site. 2,500 years of history is evidenced in palaces, churches, monuments and art galleries, amidst which the Napoletani carry on their daily lives with their trademark vivacity and creativity. Driving southward, the visitor enters the beautiful Sorrento Peninsula, a world of colors that range from the blue of the sea to the green dotted with the gold of the lemon trees. Immersed in this wonderful landscape is Sorrento: composed of history, nature and flavors, it is the mainland counterpart to the queen of these waters, Capri, and her three Faraglioni (sea stacks) that guard “her majesty” and her many sea caves –among which the celebrated Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra).